The Cats Happy!

2019 Begins, and this year to start the year off Chris and I transformed our study into a client room and office. Along time ago I read about the importance of creating “Sacred Space” in a book by Denise Linn. The space used for meditation or any kind of spiritually healing inclined work should be as peaceful as possible. If a room is continually used for a purpose then the wonderful energy created can only be used to enhance the activity.

Within the room we have included chairs from my Great Grandad lovingly restored by a friend (Ella Jenkins) and all sorts of crystals and significant artefacts that I’ve collected through the years of working and developing as a psychic/ medium.

If the cats happy, I’m happy. Porka, our cat is a very discerning character, only chooses prime territory to sit down and rest. Ever since we’ve transformed the room he has taken to sleeping in there. Cats unlike dogs are much more difficult to mind read but I think his presence and contented look indicates that the energy must be ok and flowing in the room.

I’ll look forward to working and growing my work from here. Role on 2019 I hope that it’s successful for us all. Xx